Leadership Academy

Retain & Grow The Talent You Have

We want what you want: To retain & grow the talent you have.

The Leadership Academy program helps organizations retain their best and groom them for greatness. Through our proven method we help organizations leverage their “forgotten middles” and hidden talent to build a better leader. 

The Leadership Academy is more efficient, more effective, and far less expensive than many external programs.

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Leadership Academy’s Areas Of Focus

The Leadership Academy has three areas of focus that each address unique skills and competencies. We introduce these in a sensible, progressive, and integrated way that mirrors cutting edge practices in developing leadership.

Leading Self

Understanding individual strengths, motivations, values and preferences for increasing personal effectiveness

Leading Others

Developing accountability and engaging others to get work done

Leading Strategically

Developing skills to think and act more broadly for long term results 

View The Leadership Academy Sample Learning Roadmap

See a full outline of a sample Leadership Academy Program

Leadership Academy participants leave the program with the skills and knowledge of best-in-class leaders.

Upon Completing The Leadership Academy Your Talent Will:

  • Listen assertively

  • Ask questions more powerfully

  • Speak more confidently

  • Think more deeply and more broadly


Of program attendees get promoted within a year of completion, with leadership reporting higher than expected results. 

We’re The Champions Of Your “Forgotten Middles,”
But Who Are They?

“They’re the coworkers who actually keep the engines of our organizations running, but who aren’t seen as the innovators who drive excellence. In many ways, we overlook the folks in the middle because they don’t keep us up awake at night wondering what crazy thing they’re going to come up with next.”

– Danielle R. Moss
CEO of Oliver Scholars & TedTalk Presenter, 2018

About The Program

Who’s it for?

  • Seasoned managers with more than 5 years of experience

  • Those identified as having high potential for increasing levels of responsibility

How are participants selected?

  • Our team works with you and/or a senior leader sponsor to determine appropriate selection criterion and process

  • Participants are organized into cohort groups who complete the program together

How long is it?

  • A typical Leadership Academy program runs 8-12 months.

  • Face to face sessions are run each month with intersession learning and reading. 

  • Face to face sessions are typically 1-2 full days.

Where does it happen?

  • The Leadership Academy can be run on or off-site

  • We recommend to have this program off-site if budget allows. This helps keep participants engaged and focused.

  • We have world-class facilitators located in different parts of the US able to travel as needed to client locations.

How is it delivered?

  • In-person facilitation

  • Assessments and surveys (to collect data)

  • Accountability Buddies between sessions and post-program

How is it measured?

  • Module feedback (evaluation surveys after every module)

  • Like all of our programs, we measure behavioral change using HabitBuilder technology. You’ll receive Insights Reports at the beginning, middle, and conclusion of the program. This allows you to develop meaningful next steps to further drive organizational impact.

How will we market this training internally?

  • It is strongly recommended that this program is positioned as an investment in your people, rather than remedial to ‘fix’ something or someone. The most successful programs have committed senior leader as program sponsor.

  • We will provide assistance with an appropriate communication strategy if requested.

How do we involve leaders of participants?

  • As a way to support and coach learning back on the job, we offer two, 3-hour executive overviews in which leaders of participants experience key content of the Leadership Academy.

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