Management Essentials In A Virtual World

A Virtual Program to Accelerate Your Managerial Effectiveness.

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Managers Around The World Are Facing The Same Big Problem.

All managers want their employees to be fully engaged, produce the results they are capable of, receive/respond well to feedback and work well as members of a team.
But wanting that and making it happen are two different things.

That’s why Management Essentials In A Virtual World exists.

Management Essentials In A Virtual World

Join our virtual program proven to accelerate your managerial effectiveness. It’s a series of 6, 2-3 hour virtual sessions that build on each other and challenge you to make lasting behavioral change. No fluff. No silly role plays. It’s focused, it’s fast, and it’s cost effective. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and we know it works. 

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Virtual Management Coaching Group
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How We Do It

We use a proprietary learning method called In the Moment Coaching™ during real plays that focus on situations managers face in real time.

We guide participants through skill practice and provide quick, clear feedback whenever needed. The result? The ability to self-correct and build muscle memory and lasting behavioral change.

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Become A Masterful Manager

At the end of this virtual program you will confidently be able to say you can:

  • Use a variety of communication skills in any situation

  • Deliver and communicate goals and expectations that ensures employee buy in

  • Handle a performance issue quickly, calmly and in a way that keeps accountability for solving the issue with the employee

  • Identify tasks for which employees will be ready to assume more autonomy and self-sufficiency

  • Have a delegating conversation that is motivating and engaging

  • Apply a conversation model to any conflict or difficult conversation

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Enrollment Limited To Just 18 Spots.

Because of the practice-intensive nature of the program, enrollment is strictly limited.
Programs Fill Up Very Quickly — Act Fast!

Only $1,800 $1,500 per person for a limited time!

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Management Essentials Virtual Program Overview

6 Live Virtual Sessions

Each session is packed with tools, lessons, challenges, and massive value that will transform you into a top manager.

Session 1

Communication Skills

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  • Understand the research that drives engagement and tapping into untapped potential
  • Practice and demonstrate mastery of four critical communication skills:
    • Giving Feedback: Focusing on behavior and outcomes
    • Listening: Empathy, Paraphrasing, Acknowledging
    • Asking for Input: Powerful Questions
    • Using Reinforcement Techniques: Reward, Consequences, Ignore and Refocus
  • Receive In The Moment Coaching™ to build unconscious competence
Session 2

Developing Goals and Communicating Expectations

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  • Develop goals and expectations to create understanding and accountability
  • Use a 4-step conversation process to clearly communicate goals and expectations
  • Receive In The Moment Coaching™ to build unconscious competence and elevate communication habits
Session 3

Handling A Performance Issue

Learn More

  • Use a Performance Grid to identify behaviors that need to stop or improve
  • Determine the difference between a skill and a will issue
  • Use a 4-step conversation process for lowering emotional intensity when handling a performance issue
  • Receive In The Moment Coaching™ to build unconscious competence and elevate communication habits
Session 4

Situational Leadership

Learn More

  • Use the Situational Leadership assessment to determine your current ability to match appropriate leadership actions to employee readiness
  • Quickly identify which action to apply to a given employee situation
  • Identify the “green” and “red” zones for each style
  • Use the situational leadership model to assess employee ability and motivation and determine tasks that build employee skill and self sufficiency
Session 5

Delegating To Develop Potential

Learn More

  • Using the Situational Leadership assessment, identify delegation opportunities for employees to learn new skills, take on greater responsibility and become more engaged
  • Prepare for a real time conversation for delegating and developing others’ potential
  • Demonstrate a 4-step conversation process for developing good to great performance
  • Receive In The Moment Coaching™ to elevate effectiveness
Session 6

From Conflict to Collaboration – Having Difficult Conversations

Learn More

  • Recognize when issues need to be resolved—and when they don’t
  • Revisit and practice critical listening and questioning skills that create mutual understanding and lower emotional intensity.
  • Relate your position and point of view in a way that’s clear, direct, and doesn’t create defensiveness
  • Demonstrate and apply a 6-step conversation model that resolves most issues in a mutually agreeable manner
  • Understand the five most common conflict styles
  • Receive In the Moment Coaching ™ during a live case study
Valuable Resources Included
  • PDF writable participant guides
  • Situational Leadership Assessment
  • Intersession “Playbook”
  • Fully reproducible conversation model templates

All This Value, For Only $1,800 $1,500 per person

(For a Limited Time)

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Ideal Participants For The Management Essentials Virtual Program

Is this program right for you?

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To get the most out of this program, participants must:

  • Currently have direct supervisory or managerial responsibility

  • Have potential to elevate their managerial effectiveness

  • Have anywhere between 1 month and 20 years of management experience

What People Are Saying About The Program

“Everything about (the program) exceeded my expectations. We have heard from attendee after attendee that it was highly informative, applicable, and well worth their time. You know it was a great session when the managers of invited guests start reaching out to you to thank you, because they heard it was such a positive experience. Of course, all the great content could still fall flat if not delivered by a professional as strong as you. Your energy, wit, sense of humor, coaching, and engagement were exceptional. The exercises, the pace, the sequencing of information....all spot-on.”
SVP Human Resources, Prudential Retirement
“The Performance Architect, Leesa Wallace, has the track record, passion, and knowledge to assist managers in tailoring their leadership skills to build a performance-driven culture in which people matter. Her concepts are simple and her words are precise. More than what she says is the manner in which she transforms the way a leader thinks and acts.”
Mary Jean Thornton, Professor, Goodwin College
EVP Operations at Travelers Insurance, retired
“Leesa’s real strength is getting you out of your comfort zone because that’s where real learning takes place. You will learn more about yourself and one on one interactions than you ever thought possible. By going through this program, I truly feel like I have the tools now to interact better with others and gain the best performance (of my team) possible.”
Mike Y.
Director, Blum Shapiro

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