Team Development

A Customized Approach Focused on Improving Your Team’s Performance

Digging Deep: Team Development

Every team is unique. There are different personalities, dynamics, modes of operating and more that can lead to less-than-optimal performance. Our Team Development program offers a customized approach that enables us to target specific performance issues and maximize opportunities for improvement.

We dig deep to understand the issues and then develop a strategy to help get your team from where they are to where you want them to be. 

Maximize Your Team's Potential

Improve Performance & Build A Better Team With Our Team Development Program. 

Our Team Development Process

Step 1: Assessment

Using appropriate surveys, face to face or voice to voice interviews, we get laser focused on what the team needs to do more, better, or differently.

Step 2: Design

Based on the data we gather, we work with you to develop a strategy with clearly defined goals and actions that generate the results you’re looking for. 

Step 3: Implementation

We set up measures of success and work with you throughout the process to make sure there’s real impact and improvement made.

What Does It Take To Make A Great Team?

“It’s easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part.”

– Casey Stengel
Manager of the Championship New York Yankees of the 1950s

Who We’ve Helped:


Capital One

A newly formed team was doing redundant work, not meeting deadlines, working on competing projects, and not communicating often or well enough. We helped them define clearer roles and accountabilities, implement communication protocols, and develop skills for making team meetings for efficient and effective.

Porter and Chester

A newly promoted CEO needed his leadership team to think and act “as one.” They were operating in silos, not working on the “vital few” but the “trivial many.” We worked with the CEO and the senior team to articulate and communicate four strategic priorities that would help guide and focus the work. And we designed and launched the first ever leadership offsite to kick off the strategy and ensure that everyone was working “As One.” 10 years later, they’re still using the framework and process we helped them develop.

Travelers Insurance Company – IT and Operations Function

These two functions merged and represented the largest support function the organization with about 1,200 employees. Each department had their own performance review process, forms, approach, rating systems, and method for calculating year end incentives. This made it very difficult to evaluate and support individual and team performance. We worked with the CIO to design a performance management culture—one that had buy in from different constituents, was easy to understand and easy to administer. Because of the success and impact on the IT and Operations function, this approach was adopted company wide.

Invest In Your Team, Improve Their Performance, Level Up Your Organization.

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